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Please read the terms and conditions carefully before requesting a commission. Thank you!

Terms and Conditions

  1. All rights reserved to the artist. Please do not claim the commissioned artwork as your own. 

  2. I am allowed to use the commissioned artwork for future posts / portfolio purpose.

  3. The commissioned artwork is strictly for personal use, which means the act of selling and gaining profit from my art is prohibited. For commissions with commercial use, please refer to the terms and conditions under commercial commissions. ​

  1. Commercial based commissions allows you to make profit off the artwork you have commissioned. 

  2. Commercial use's extra charge starts from 30% of the total price. E.g. Total price + % of total price = final price 

  3. A commercial commission does not mean the copyright is yours. All rights still reserved to the artist. 

  4. Owning the rights to the artwork is made possible by purchasing the copyright of the commissioned work. 

  1. 50% upfront payment is required before sketching process. 

  2. All payments are made through Paypal (USD).

  3. No refund will be given once the sketching process has started. 

  1. Communication process can be carried through E-mail ( or Instagram DM @whiteflame_art.

  2. All commission work will require clients to sign a contract with terms and conditions.

  3. Please provide reference pictures (rough sketches helps too!) or detailed description for better understanding of what you have in mind. 

  4. Maximum of 2 free revisions are accepted in the sketching process, one minor revision will be accepted after the final work is completed. Additional revisions are charged depending on the details required. 

  5. 1-2 weeks duration is needed to complete the artwork (may be longer depending on the details and art style you have chosen). 

  6. Final product will be sent through E-mail in 2500px x 2500px, 300 DPI. Please inform me beforehand if you would prefer a custom size and quality.  

Credit to aebidraw for letting me use these terms and conditions!

Commission Gallery

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